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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back in orbit and GRUMPY

Go on, you know you want to.... p

Returning to low earth orbit after a brief hiatus, here's brief recap regarding this, this, this and even that. But there's positive happenings concerning this, this and probably this. (Note: To read news articles, bypass compulsory web registration with

Apparently 3AW's been squawking again. (thanks for the free publicity guys, we know it's a brilliant foil for 3AW's covert pro-cycling campaign) In other local news The Cat may be back for a jaunt this Friday. Invariably, due to feline intolerance, a possible appearance is completely weather dependant. Decisions, decisions, which steed, the commuter, the road bike, the townie, the bmx or the tractor? (Tractor = singlespeed) (must replace that over the top ditchwitch wheelset)

BTW, message for Inspector Alan Carlisle, I don't hold a licence, don't intend to, and have never incurred a cycling fine. cfsmtb blows raspberry back and hey presto, a raspberry blowing fight kicks off

UPDATE: The lovely weezil sent us this delightful update.

NB: Please view carefully, if seated in the pod/work station or you have a sensitive disposition.

Self-explanatory really.


  • If you're gonna be grumpy, be grumpy, dammit!

    By Blogger weezil, at 3:26 pm, July 26, 2005  

  • Cyclists run the gauntlet of dangerous drivers, poor roads - Letters - Opinion

    July 25, 2005

    Inspector Alan Carlisle wants to introduce heavier penalties for cyclists as a "trade-off for improvements that would help make Beach Road safe" (The Sunday Age, 24/7).

    Well, I hope that means the penalties only apply to Beach Road cyclists, because it's not much consolation for cyclists using the rest of Melbourne's roads.

    Cyclists are endangered daily by car-oriented road rules and dangerous habits of drivers.

    Yet here we see a blame-the-victim approach that means cyclists across Victoria will bear the cost for a few improvements along just one stretch of road.

    Going through a red light is often a much safer option for cyclists when it means getting ahead and out of the way of accelerating vehicles at intersections with no safe area for cyclists.

    Riding as a large group (such as two abreast, as the law allows) provides increased safety in numbers, because it forces vehicles to go around in the other lane instead of dangerously squeezing a lone cyclist into the gutter by passing in the same lane.

    None of these practices endangers the lives of other road users, unlike a car or truck going through a red light at 60 to 80km/h.

    With rising acceptance of global environmental problems associated with car use, the State Government must introduce measures to encourage cycling as a form of appropriate sustainable transport. This means having a more balanced road system that recognises bicycle riders as legitimate road users, not punishing them for avoiding dangerous situations.

    How about introducing "strict enforcement and demerit points" for vehicles that dangerously overtake cyclists with less than a metre gap?

    How about trying to curb widespread abuse of cyclists by motorists who don't know the laws allowing cyclists to take a full lane?

    And how about making existing roads safe around the rest of Melbourne, such as North Road to Monash University, where commuting cyclists, like myself and many others, have to face a dangerous culture of car-driving every working day?
    Ian Adams, bicycle projects officer, Monash Transport Department, Clayton

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 8:07 pm, July 27, 2005  

  • cileo, my friend, victim blame is modus operandus number one in this country at the moment- see C. Rau, V. Solon, etc.

    If the roads and bike lanes won't be improved, cyclists should be permitted to carry a loaded sidearm. Choose .357 cal or larger if you need good sheetmetal penetration power.

    By Blogger weezil, at 8:19 am, July 28, 2005  

  • I'd prefer a Smith & Wesson's 50, but the recoil would throw me at least three postcodes away. Go ahead Disco, make my day!

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 10:27 pm, July 28, 2005  

  • Cripes, I am never going to disagree with anything on MGK.blogspot.

    By Blogger Brownie, at 12:52 am, July 30, 2005  

  • damn straight, Brownie. BTW, should I tell you how infatuated I am with the 3 foot tongue of happy flame that leaps out of the muzzle of the joyous Ruger Mini-14? The powder charge in a .223 cal weighs more than the bullet. Will shoot straight through a school bus- end to end.

    Truly, cage drivers think twice when they see a Mini-14 slung across a cyclist's back.

    Catch me, I'm gonna swoon...

    By Blogger weezil, at 8:43 am, July 30, 2005  

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