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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The House of Bikes, Beers, Cats & Dogs on the move

Grand Sale! Grand Sale!
About five or six of these should do the job

Due an impending transgalatic warp in the spacetime continuum, cfsmtb management shall be temporarily out of low earth orbit. We're relocating up a big hill. No more landlords. Huzzar!

Cadel! Cadel!More provisions
(a). Cadel! Cadel! Be gentle on yr collarbone! (b). Off to the bottle-o for more bevvies

Management also passes on their most humble apologies for not continuing the Le Kitty TdF coverage. Unfortunately the constraints of packing a household, bad news, TdF and Having A Life have interfered. Le Kitty promises to return. For your enjoyment during the interrum, we're scored an pdf of a certain bicycle repair manual. The 857 page version. So if you would like a copy, discreetly email us.

Bits & Pieces

:: Tour de France dream run :: Bravo! Simon Gerrans Bravo! Congrats to Jamieson's finest! cfsmtb management is incredibly fond of Jamieson Raspberry Ale. If we can track down a slab locally, we'll be having several in Simons honour. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
:: Best-ever cat & bicycle discussion ::
Stray Kitten Rescue on Tour de Cowpens
:: 10th Birthday Party ::
Sydney Critical Mass turns TEN on 29 July 2005 and YOU are invite to join the celebration.
:: Cyclingnews :: Hour record broken by Sosenka in Moscow
:: Clean Air Initiative :: Asia promotes and demonstrates innovative ways to improve the air quality of Asian cities through partnerships and sharing experiences.

:: TIME'S UP! :: Press Release The quality of life in New York City would be greatly enhanced by improving the City's bicycling infrastructure. The lack of a safe environment for cycling is holding back progress in improving air quality, reducing asthma and obesity rates, and decreasing vehicular congestion as well as dependency on fossil fuels.
:: US news :: Serious butt kicking action going on courtesy of the blogosphere. Court Nominee In the Eye of the Blogger Swarm
:: Swedish news :: Why can't people stay home or catch a taxi? Volvo asks Sweden for licence to drink-drive

Australian Homework Time :: Petrol may reach
$2 per litre in the not-so-distant future. All I can say is boo-hoo, we Victorian beer drinking folk have to contend with forking out $2.20 per 285ml pot. Now based upon the table to be found here; calculate the approximate pricings per beer measurements vs petrol prices at the bowser. For your respective state. Damn motorists, whinging about everything. We're taking up the homebrew option.

No more cooking tipsBreakaway to the toilet!
(c). More bird flipping, but no more cooking tips. (d). Catch the breakaway. But don't break the seal.

.....The race radio is crackling through with information about an early breakaway from the peleton, she leapt across that gap like a scalded cat. The group has split into two halves heading towards the little room. She's nearing the end of her pain...


  • dear cileo - congrats on landlord emancipation, and I do hope the cycleCats are cool with their new locale.
    here is a snip from local news here in the Rat where Amy Gillet's funeral will be on Friday:
    ' Friends and fellow cyclists paused for a minute's silence before embarking on a 40km ride from the Ballarat Town Hall about 7.30am on Saturday.
    They followed a course that mirrored the National Time Trial course, where Gillett performed well last year.
    The group finished at Gillett's favourite coffee haunt in Sturt St about 9am.
    Among the riders closest to Gillett and her husband Simon was Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club president Gary Gullock.
    Gullock, an Olympic silver medal winner, organised the ride and was pleased with the support the Ballarat cycling community had shown.

    "I think it just shows what Amy meant to the people around her," Gullock said.

    "I am sure Simon and her family would have been very pleased."

    Mr Gullock said the start of the ride was sombre, but the mood lightened quickly as the riders snaked their way around the course.

    "As the ride went on, people were talking about their experiences with Amy," he said.

    "It became just a nice, happy ride, which Amy would have wanted.
    "It was just a happy feeling."

    Gullock said there were more than 200 riders in the group when the event finished.
    Among the well-wishers was former road cyclist Gordon Foy, who rode in the 1950s.
    Foy did not ride on Saturday, but "just felt the need to come down"

    By Blogger Brownie, at 10:12 am, July 25, 2005  

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