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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Le Tour bonheur!

Le Tour!Ai-ai-ai-ai-aie

Salutations fellow nutjob's, opps, tifosi. To your bicycles, teevee & computer monitors! Le handy links to keep you informed, over excited and sleepless for the next month!

Le Stage Map::
Le Site Officiel
:: Le FD's Definitive
Guide to Setting Your VCR/DVD Correctly for Australian Eastern Standard Time
Le SBS - All stages live on SBS from 2-25! Tres bon!
Le Cycling News
Le Daily Peloton
Le TdF blog
Le Bicycling
:: Le Googling for
Tour News

Le Local Stuff
Le Events at Cafe Racer,
Belgian Beer Cafe Cycling Club, MBTC, Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club, the St Kilda Cycling Club Peloton Ball. Or ask around for who's got the biggest telly/beer fridge etc. If you've got a Melbourne TdF thing planned, drop management a email & we'll post it up.

Le RadlerEnjoy a Radler or two

PubBUG ? Er um, a event will be possibly organised when we can be arsed. Le Goatage this Friday 8th July. Usual Goat place. Le beverages and light refreshments available on premises. La Ladies & Le Gentlemen welcome, but please polite and bring a bicycle.

IN BREAKING NEWS, Le Big Red Fat Cat will be providing a CILEO Web-Exclusive with a Stage by Stage commentary. Stay tuned.


  • and a yellow jersey? I pray the roadside spectators are under control this year, or at least that their injuries are greater than those of any cyclist they bring down.

    By Blogger Brownie, at 12:45 pm, July 03, 2005  

  • The T-Mobile team car driver responsible for braking in front of Ullrich should be SHOT.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:04 pm, July 03, 2005  

  • oh gosh is this like a grog blog only for people with two wheels? can i come? wot's the ususal goat place? and does a shopping trolley count instead of a bike?

    By Blogger Mallrat, at 3:06 pm, July 04, 2005  

  • Non-motorised most welcome. Unless one imbibes too much & thus requires a taxi. Which, in my books, is utilising commonsense.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 3:10 pm, July 04, 2005  

  • I am worried about the plushy suit cileo.
    You know about 'Plushies' don't you?

    By Blogger Brownie, at 5:23 pm, July 07, 2005  

  • Sorry! Sorry! just copped your 26 June post on my way to the cat pix (which are the real reasons I come here).

    By Blogger Brownie, at 5:25 pm, July 07, 2005  

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