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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

City of Cyclists

Copenhagen PedalliesNeed inspiration? Visit the City of Cyclists for look into a wonderful world. NB: this takes a while to download via dialup or ADSL but it's truly worth it. Make a cuppa or brew up a java while you're waiting. Still waiting? Go to lunch.

Recalling the recent 774 Ride Reports, the momentum continues ... contact 774 to inform Hillary Harper of your Melbourne commuting tales. While we're chattering on about moving around; regarding the whole petrol palavar, no as a cyclist, I don't derive any satisfaction reading about high oil prices. For many people who's only option is motoristed transport I think it's all pretty bloody cruel. There is mucho relevant discussion about alternative transportation modes, but it's seriously not much chop when ostensibly there's been systematic failure involving longterm planning, public transport and related infrastructure. And doesn't privatisation and unsupportive advocates add to the pain?

CarFree Day next week. Whats happening in your neck of the woods?

e c h o, e c h o, e c h o

Yeah as I thought, not much. If only t'date could be altered so it could be combin'd with Talk Like a Pirate Day or t' burgeonin' FSM cult. Now thar's potentially a winnin' combination that would capture t' populace's imagination!

UPDATE: Ooooo, look at this. Signs and Wonders or more aimless finger pointing and goaless paper shuffling?


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