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Monday, January 08, 2007

Amy's Ride 2007

Here's a little vid I put together of Saturdays Amy's Ride. As many of you present down there on the day would know, the westerly was an absolute bastard and combined with the 30C+ temps, I'm damn pleased I made the correct decision to not ride either of the courses. However, to those brave souls who actually completed the 70km & 120km, the Alex Lloyd pop tune is for you. Rather schmaltzy but the thought is there, as the estimated 2,700 riders suffered a hellva lot more than me..

Despite the gale force winds, I had a enthralling day riding around the thriving metropolis of Geelong, enjoying a java and mint slice at Cafe 9 Zero (Hi Russ!), then contending with the delights of the Princes traffic sewer Highway. To top off our meanderings around the foreshore, pedally and I were savagely belted off the road by a feral gust of wind on Hearne Parade while riding out to Limeburners Point. Ouch. Luckily no real damage incurred other than scuffed bartape and a adrenaline surge.

More here on Amy's Ride and the Jayco Bay Classic.


  • Would have loved to have gone in it, but didn't know it was on. Bummer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:06 pm, January 08, 2007  

  • Yeah, the promotion was rather low profile, but they did get about 3000 riders, which given the horrid conditions, was a big success. I was loitering around at the Botantic Gardens start for awhile, most cyclists on the 120km mentioned how brutal the winds were. Overall, a damn tough ride.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 9:49 pm, January 09, 2007  

  • That brutal bastard Westerly
    in a rage
    not to be on wheels with yas.

    By Blogger Brownie, at 4:20 pm, January 11, 2007  

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