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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Temporary disconnection in space time continuum

We're buggering off to newer, roomier digs at our very own domain.

One sticking point, we just haven't found the Wordpress theme of our dreams yet, but bear with us, normal transmission and more regular blogging should resume shortly when we can be arsed importing the whole blog over to

See you on the Other Side.

The Kittens are Waiting.


  • Cool! I look forward to seeing what the crazy kitties come up with next!
    Put me down for a login, pretty please? :)

    By Blogger hippy, at 7:39 am, March 14, 2007  

  • oh you have The Leaping Cats.

    put me down for a login too please, and welcome dear Ralph you lucky puss.

    By Blogger GoAwayPlease, at 2:05 am, March 22, 2007  

  • Login & all the whistles & bells coming soon!

    I'm fiddling with a you beaut WP theme and should be out of beta by this weekend.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 9:24 am, March 22, 2007  

  • Ooh, you flash devil. I'll look forward to seeing the new site. I'll peel my eyes like a pair of pickled silverskin onions in anticipation.

    By the way, totally unrelated, we got our tandem today. I've probably wittered about it before. It's taken forever for us to get one. It's second-hand and still needs bit of sprucing though (Such as having all the spokes unbroken).

    By Blogger 3Ply Stagliano, at 6:18 am, March 25, 2007  

  • SPINOPSYS has posted about

    "Young father Damian McDonald, a decorated cycling star who won a Commonwealth Games gold medal in 1994, died instantly in Friday’s accident.

    At the 1994 Commonwealth Games, Mr McDonald partnered Henk Vogels, Phil Anderson and Brett Dennis to win the road team time trial, taking out the 97km event by more than three minutes.

    Two years earlier he had experienced the disappointment of being made a reserve for the four-man team pursuit at the Barcelona Olympics, watching as the team won a silver medal.

    Yesterday, his shattered family gathered around his wife Bree, the team manager of Melbourne Phoenix netball club, and their young child at their Sunbury home.

    The death stunned the Australian cycling community, while Melbourne Phoenix pulled out of a pre-season match due to be played at the State Netball Hockey Centre last night.

    He was a long-time member of the Australian Institute of Sport and raced in Europe"

    and i know you would too if you weren't busy packing your posts into boxes and moving them to a new house.

    Whenever a thoroughly decent person is dead before a good age, my atheism is confirmed.
    If there was a 'God', then only arseholes would be killed.

    By Blogger GoAwayPlease, at 9:54 am, March 25, 2007  

  • Hi Brownie,

    I've posted this tragic news on Wheels of Justice, that's another blog/project I help to maintain (that started off about two years ago as a news archive for the Eugene McGee case)

    The new cileo blog should go live at some point, just need time to fiddle with the WP theme & a couple of other finer points.

    The sad news about Damien has taken precendent over that, obviously.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 10:12 am, March 25, 2007  

  • you will like these feline interpretations of
    'we are in ur computer eting yur doodz"

    enjoy quantum kitten

    By Blogger GoAwayPlease, at 10:56 pm, March 29, 2007  

  • Nice Post

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:03 pm, July 20, 2009  

  • Guess you're still looking for that elusive Worpdress theme?

    By Anonymous Orange, at 9:29 am, February 19, 2011  

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