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Monday, February 26, 2007

Introducing .......


As you can see from this pic, he's young 12 weeks old, he's hot it was 35C+ when this pic was taken, he's IT savvy and he's just come back from the vet. and lost his bollox

Beer Can Hill's newest fluffy resident is settling in well playing chasies with his new mates Harry (Mr Orange), Cleo (Princess Bitchy Pants), Miss Betty Blue Heeler and the giant NZ cat that just moved in next door.

Yes, his name does have a magazine reference.

For a ex-feral Coburg street fighting cat, young Ralph will be a valuable addition to our happy home. Also if you like the look of this gorgeous silver tabby, he has three cute brothers & one sister (all desexed) looking for patient loving homes who wouldn't mind giving a bit of time, TLC and guidance to wayward feral kittens.

As an example, Ralph has been miraculously materialised into a playful, loving kitty in only three weeks. Welcome aboard Ralph!

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