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Friday, February 09, 2007

Share the lurve

Right-o, this excellent YouTube vid "The Messenger of Love" from eleventooth starring Jaimie, has inspired me to resurrect the One, the Only Big Red Fat Cat out of retirement. Well, in the cooler months, since wearing four inches of red and white synthetic fur would induce hyperthermia in temperatures over 15C.

What Melbourne, and the world, really needs right now is more whimsy, mirth, pointless silliness, i.e.: generally more large felines riding bicycles and basically sharing the love
and shit and giggles on our mean streets. I'm not really interested in appearing Survivor, although a berth on 1 vs 100 would be ace.

What extraordinary powers and abilities would BRFC possess? A uncanny ability to sense ProtaCat in nearby stupidmarkets, track down Goat outlets or embarrass the living crap out of errant cagers and naughty cyclists bustin' reds? Damn, what can I use instead of an archaic phone booth? Cycle connect bicycle locker?


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