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Friday, February 02, 2007

Free bicycles!

Although you'll have to travel to Gay Paree to get one (read below) An intriguing side issue - Clear Channel are clearly miffed that the contact went to JCDecaux.

Clear Channel to study JCDecaux contract win
PARIS, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Outdoor advertiser Clear Channel France said on Wednesday that it would "closely" review the terms under which Paris city hall awarded a contract to French rival JCDecaux for the provision and operation of a fleet of bicycles and advertising panels.

And remember, the lovely folk at Clear Channel previously had a problem or two with their unwholesome attitudes towards cyclists a few years back..

Clear Channel Promotes Violence Against Cycling

North Carolina Coalition for Bicycle Driving: Clear Channel Radio Responds:
In response to the public outcry over recent anti-bicyclist broadcasts made by Clear Channel Radio DJs in Raleigh, Cleveland and Houston, Clear Channel Radio President and CEO John Hogan met with League of American Bicyclists Executive Director Elissa Margolin and Communications Director Patrick McCormick on November 5th, 2003. The League representatives collaborated with cyclist advocates in Raleigh, Cleveland, and Houston in order to communicate the concerns of local cyclists and to pursue a constructive resolution.

Oh well, it's all water under the bridge, we're all (apparently) friends now, and making money is money. I wonder how successful this "free bike" scheme will be in the longterm, either if the scheme works at all (ie: remember Yellow Bikes ?), it's overall effectiveness in combating pollution issues in Paris or they invariably all get nicked by well-intentioned Parisians.

Paris to roll out free bicycles
PARIS: The City of Light wants to soon become a city of bicycles. Paris City Hall announced it has selected French outdoor advertising firm JCDecaux SA to operate a new free bicycle service in the capital. Joining other European cities like the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, Paris wants to make thousands of bikes available for free to commuters, strollers and tourists - in part to help cut down on pollution.

JCDecaux's Somupi unit is to have some 14,100 bikes deployed in the capital by this summer. City Hall's choice of contractor was announced Monday. The company was chosen over a consortium of rivals including U.S.-based Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc., and several major French companies.


  • Sounds similar to the one in Brussels, also run by JCDeacaux.
    For a review of how it feels to ride a heavy clunker with solid tyres, have a listen to Jack Thurston on

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 am, February 02, 2007  

  • and all it costs Paris is 1600 new JCD billboards:)

    By Blogger pedaller, at 8:36 pm, February 05, 2007  

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