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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nothing but the facts

GC1 quadrant shifterMediaWatch Laff-o-meter? The Inaugural Jim Ball Trophy? No, it's a GC1 quadrant shifter...

...And a big welcome to all our new viewers who came here courtesy of MediaWatch: Website Turks laugh on and/or Google, looking for this blog entry we did back in July: fully sikk moite

You will observe on this blog there are NO discussions pertaining to Skylines, RX8's or WRX's. But last Sunday, we retrieved a lovely 1930's Lawrencia road bike via the annual Boroondara Hard Waste collection. With a GC1 quadrant shifter and GH-6 Front Dynohub. She's a pearler. Photo's up soon.

BTW, to you young people out there. Spaces.msn sucks big time. Get yourself a real blog. With the option of Spell Check.



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