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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Temporary disconnection in space time continuum

We're buggering off to newer, roomier digs at our very own domain.

One sticking point, we just haven't found the Wordpress theme of our dreams yet, but bear with us, normal transmission and more regular blogging should resume shortly when we can be arsed importing the whole blog over to

See you on the Other Side.

The Kittens are Waiting.

Friday, March 02, 2007

The subtle feel of garden tools

"The essence of being a Sparks fan is that we know we are right and that everyone else is wrong." - Nicholas Royle, 30 Aug 2000 (Time Out, London)
Ok this video doesn't include my other loves (beer or bicycles), but this Sparks video by Shaw Petronio has three essential ingredients. Russell Mael. Ron Mael. And kittys. Although
Sparks did have two bicycles on the cover of their 1990 Rhino records compilation. You can also peruse the magnificent, idiosyncratic lyrics right here.

In my humble opinion, Sparks are the GREATEST MUSICAL GENIUSES IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. Or the last three decades. And I will fight to the bloody death to defend that opinion. Ever since I first saw Sparks on Countdown circa 1980 and was scared shitless by Ron's demeanour, like many I've been captured by these chaps musical genius. Ron & Russ have never failed to effortlessly outshine any batch of regurgitated pondscum that passes for contemporary muzak. Long may they dick around!

PS. Any chance of another Australiasian tour? I missed the 2001 Balls Tour due a bad combination of a nasty lurgie and being rather short of quids. Pretty, pretty please ...

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