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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

But that's the way I like it baby

The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be
Yeah I've been el slacko on the blog front of late. But I've got plenty of excuses. Like a Having A Life and the usual shambolic crappy responsibilities.

Whatdoyathink of this 'spoke card' design I ripped off for aus.bicycle, inspired by this thread? Like a laminated one in the rear wheel? Contact moi or rip off the design & produce your very own.

More bicycle goodness soon. And I've got plenty to bitch, ahem, to comment upon.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Twunt Report

Birth Life DeathOut and about on the bike today, as I had to visit & cheer up a dear friend who had received bad news. But had a strange incident, you know, the one where you're stopped on the bicycle storage box at a red light, and the vehicle behind you keeps inching up. And slowly inching up. And slowly keeps inching up alongside.

This was at the T-intersection at Blythe & Sydney Road in Brunnie, the one where if you're heading up to Coburg, you lanesplit & turn right. Back to the inching up, the left front tyre almost went over my right Axo shoe. So I calmly and tactfully move my tootsie out of harms way, and think, hmmm, how about I carefully take off against the lights, cane through the intersection and put this twunt in the running for a Darwin Award? ie: he shoots through into moving traffic due to being needlessly provoked by a small, stationary female minding her own business.

But I behaved myself, and Mr Twunt duly floored his 4 cylinder P.O.S up the gentle incline towards the delights of Coburg. Sheeesshhh. But this little altercation is small beer compared to this disgusting incident in Brisbane. Subtext, I kicked off this thread on a.b after reading about that road rage incident. On a proactive theme, more Goatage and WoJ stuff on this Friday. Be there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I briefly thought about hastily typing humorous remarks to tentatively link these images. But being a aimless dilettanti, I thought sod it, too hard. No bicycle content whatsoever. Enjoy.

Arrrggggg!Norman Ducks
Welcome to Hell....

Hoff HellRan outta nine lives...

Do something useful!

Correct position pleaseIn the Melbourne area? Have a spare bike helmet or two? Then read this.

Hi, recently we've been acquiring bikes for many of the asylum seekers that come to our centre. Bicyles are a great way of getting around for Asylum seekers in particular as many of the individuals and families that visit the centre are prohibited from seeking employment, have no access to medicare or centrelink and are restricted from most mainstream government services and are therefore without money.

This in turn makes it tough for asylum seekers to get out and about. In addition to this riding a bike is a great thing to promote, the problem is that once people are given bikes they cant afford to buy a helmet and we can't find a charity that supplies helmets. So, if anyone has helmets they can donate or has ideas on shops or organisations that might donate please contact us at the Asylum seeker resource centre (Casework) 67 Jeffcott st. West Melbourne ph: 9326 6066 email:

Dig Dig DigWho's that sexy chap on the left?

In the outer Melbourne area? Want more singletrack? Then pick up a shovel and help out at Lysterfield Park. Sunday 2nd October, 09:00, Hallam Nth Rd. Bring the usual gear, boots, gloves, etc. The PV-MTBA tool trailer should be available but bring a steel rake or rakehoe if you have one. Promise of a BBQ & Munchies!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

City of Cyclists

Copenhagen PedalliesNeed inspiration? Visit the City of Cyclists for look into a wonderful world. NB: this takes a while to download via dialup or ADSL but it's truly worth it. Make a cuppa or brew up a java while you're waiting. Still waiting? Go to lunch.

Recalling the recent 774 Ride Reports, the momentum continues ... contact 774 to inform Hillary Harper of your Melbourne commuting tales. While we're chattering on about moving around; regarding the whole petrol palavar, no as a cyclist, I don't derive any satisfaction reading about high oil prices. For many people who's only option is motoristed transport I think it's all pretty bloody cruel. There is mucho relevant discussion about alternative transportation modes, but it's seriously not much chop when ostensibly there's been systematic failure involving longterm planning, public transport and related infrastructure. And doesn't privatisation and unsupportive advocates add to the pain?

CarFree Day next week. Whats happening in your neck of the woods?

e c h o, e c h o, e c h o

Yeah as I thought, not much. If only t'date could be altered so it could be combin'd with Talk Like a Pirate Day or t' burgeonin' FSM cult. Now thar's potentially a winnin' combination that would capture t' populace's imagination!

UPDATE: Ooooo, look at this. Signs and Wonders or more aimless finger pointing and goaless paper shuffling?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Goaty Goodness

P9090009Here's a sexxxxyyyy pic of Bikesoilers new singlespeed steed at Goat HQ in Richmond. Noice isn't it? Mungo bars, newly black powdered-coated Tange prestige frame, (mostly) Shimano 600 gruppo and my rather odd Selle San Marco Bertone saddle. (also know as the FartMaster 3000). All up it's 70" of tasty SS goodness.

In other local bike related news, pop over to the YarraBUG forum and yahoogroup for the latest on that pesky Queens Parade intersection.

And more Goaty goodness in the form of the latest Wheels of Justice meeting. Thar's movement at the station fer sure..

In non-bike related, less happier news our Lords and Masters have seen fit to detain a visiting community organiser from Houston. Apparently he's a threat to Australian national security.

Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Maybe there's a God of Small Miracles?

Joseph and Patches, as last seen on Sunday afternoonJoseph and Patches, as last seen on Sunday afternoon

Yes I've transgressed for the second time, this isn't a bicycle orientated story. Head over to Barista for superb coverage of the tragic aftermath of Katrina.

Amongst the immeasurable pain of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, small moments of joy still abound. Joseph and Patches are still out there. Somewhere.

Where are they? People are looking for them!

Saturday afternoon Update 10/9*:
Hi Chris
They found Joseph Barnes in Arkansas but Patches is still in NO. The National Guards made him give her up but he says that they told him that he can come back and get her. We don't know who he gave her too but he told Barbara that Patches was ok. Amazing how some people will not give up. Just wanted to let you know.

*cfsmtb note: Isn't the internet wonderful?!?

From Wonkette, more places to help animals and their humans
:: Noah's Wish
:: The Houston SPCA
:: The ASPCA is creating a database to connect abandoned pets with their displaced owners and is trying to coordinate temporary shelter space and rescues missions.
:: Best Friends Animal Society Hurricane Relief Fund, 435-644-2001 ext. 104
:: Humane Society of the United States Disaster Animal Response Team, 800-HUMANE-1
:: Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Donald Horne

Donald HorneDonald Horne dies at 83
The Lucky Country, Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck.
Ironic how that became quoted out of context.
I think we should realise that 'the lucky country' provides a descriptive phrase, condemning Australia for what it was, whereas the clever country is a pre-scriptive phrase, suggesting to Australia what it might become.
Donald Horne - Australian Biography


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

There's sun glare on Gardiners Creek Bridge..

City CommuterAfter reading our friend FD's comments on this a.b thread, we thought it would be a smashing idea to contact Hillary Harper to suggest Melbourne 774AM should have a ride report. As Hillary cycles to work...and does the 774 Traffic Report Updates..yes.. that is rather ironic..

So this morning, Hillary did indeed give a RR at approx 6.30am. Problem was, I wasn't awake to hear it. Hmm, must get up earlier & send off a thankyous to 774 management. Did anyone else hear Hilary's RR this morn? Feedback, thoughts please? Ok, Ok, I'll be up at sparrows fart to hear further editions.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Faded Beauty

GC1 quadrant shifter

Here's a sneak peek of that lovely Lawrencia road bike we retrieved via the annual Boroondara Hard Waste collection. With a GC1 quadrant shifter and GH-6 Front Dynohub. Wait 'til you see closeups of the 30's post-modernist paint jobbie! fffhooar!!! More pics soon!

...And here's those promised Lawrencia pics on flickr.

(PS. We're famous now, here's the proof!)