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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I hear voices, leading me on, urging me on

History Never RepeatsJust announced: Split Enz Reunion 2006 Tour !!!! ABC National recently broadcast the superb Radio New Zealand "Enzology" radio doco.
Enzology is National Radio’s documentary covering the history of New Zealand's most iconic band - Split Enz. Five years in the making, this ten-part series covers the history of the band from their beginnings in Auckland as an acoustic ensemble in 1972, to their final concerts as an Australia-based, internationally acclaimed pop band in 1984. See below for past and future broadcast dates in 2005 and 2006.
And now they're back - media conference tomorrow. Needless to say, we're obviously very excited about this. See below.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

I thought I told you to wait in the car


Excellent article on that fine purveyor of Llewellyn bike p0rn
Demand for quality overrides quantity
Far away from the international race meets, Darrell Quentin Llewellyn McCulloch, 42, plies his rare trade — handcrafting, one at a time, quality, bespoke, steel-framed bicycles. The bikes, using decades-old construction methods are, appropriately, called Llewellyns. They are ridden by amateurs, international collectors and elite cyclists. The Commonwealth Games team will be warming up on McCulloch's custom-designed and built stationary training bikes.
So you're lucky enought to possess a Llewellyn? The following media release from the local wallopers officer friendly may interest you. Pfff, if I owned a frame it'd be micro-chipped, on GPS tracking surveillance and guarded by crack team of F.P.E.S attack cats. Speaking of kittys, here's step by step instructions for creating a nifty orange-flavoured skid lid fer your cat.

Bicycle Theft an Engraving Issue
With new bicycles on top of many people’s Christmas wish-lists last year, Victoria Police is urging cyclists to have their licence numbers engraved. Police members will offer a free engraving service at Federation Square on Tuesday 31 January 2006 between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Todays Rage also brings us: "Rethink on Games traffic plan"
Which should of been accurately retitled
by Age sub-editors as CARS, CARS, CARS, CARS. For those present at November's Bicycle Victoria AGM, Harry Barber did concede that an excellent opportunity for mass bike parking at the Commonwealth Games had been lost. Apparently primarily due to nervous nellies safety concerns from State government & respective authorities. Funny that. Can't larger quantities of pool cleaner and fertilizer be concealed in a smogbox? Ain't that a near perfect example of "we have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from the machinations of the wicked"?!? Useless arseclowns, ahem, pod dwellers, ahem, I meant, bureaucrats. Fug it - here's a new Aussie Fixie website. I'm off to fiddle with the commuter steed. Needs an long overdue tweak, clean and refurnishment.

The Times provides further food for thought: Car firms 'blocking green fuel' :: Mapping out the future of transport :: Transport experts have seen the future, and it's got pedals

Friday, January 27, 2006

Shower, another shower

MelbWinterAug05Trackback to August 05: Beer Can Hill residents sheltering from the elements

Recall Melbourne's August coldsnap? Not surprisingly, that metrological event is kinda hard to envisage right now.
As are heatwaves** such as this, in the depths of winter. Think I've developed into a "three-shower-a-day-girl" in order to keep some level of feminine decorum.

My ripening romas are being parboiled on the vine, corn silks and
tassels crisped off and zucchinis are balloning into mutant seal pups. Regardless of the harsh conditions, the watermelons, sunflower heads, pak choi, rocket, basil, snow peas and 'experimental' sweet potatoes are progressing nicely. Add to that cheery news, I witnessed hoppers bouncing around in a Wandi paddock. What further manifestations and omens of impending pestilence can we expect? Chytrid fungus has wiped out frog populations and I think I incurred a nasty dose of water turning to blood at fortnight ago ... BTW returning to home base - the furry freeloaders are exhibiting the same behaviour as depicted above - they've simply decamped further east and commenced sprawling across the vast expanses of cool cool lino. I need a shandy.

**Additional bit to article, Jeremy Lee was the ABC staffer I raced as part of Jon Faines Transport Blitz

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Steve ready for the 6.20am startAll primed for the 6.20am start

A highwater mark in Australian contemporary writing
Hawthorn Cycling Club ...
Roy & HG:
The Alpine Dream

We're returned from swanning around the delightful locale of Bright. Unfortunately we missed out savouring the Bright Brewery but there shall be always be a next time. Maybe the brewery will actually be in-situ by 2007?

Now this incredible news. Bikesoiler completed the 200km Audax Alpine Classic. I'll type that again.

Bikesoiler completed the 200km Audax Alpine Classic.

He completed the epic 200km in unbelievable conditions, and as he duly remarked, it was bordering on being too "Hieronymus Bosch" for comfort! Read his stirling tale of
achievement here. Bikesoilers previous transcontinental desert training from last year was excellent preparation. Despite that I felt a uncomfortable combination of apprehension and pride, ie: repeatively whinging mentioning to him beforehand: "if you feel sick, please stop at the 130". I've suffered heat stroke, resumed consciousness attached to a drip and therefore can attest it's a injury I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Well, there's at least 4 -5 fucktards on the face of this planet but that's another story..

MOOOOOO!!!Meet the friendly Wandi locals

Surviving the heat. Victoria is currently being parboiled by the elements. When up in the high country I thought it wise to commandeer the kiddies pool at our motel and immerse oneself in it fully attired + cowboy hat. That's one method to stay très kewl. On Sunday, while waiting for our partners to return, Troy & I went on a wander around the wilds of Wandiligong, ate jelly at the Wandiligong Maze and went single tracking along a local path. Piece of piss on a MTB, but it required 'advanced technical skills' on a road bike with 23mm treads! The Ninja is nicely kitted out with bullhorn bars, salsa cyclocross levers and Rubino treads, so the rig is halfway there. I dreamily fantasised about missing the blackberries Belgian pave .. cheering crowds on the Paris-Roubaix... Yeah, right, well, this ploy worked. The only real problem was dust and smooth river pebbles washing out the rear wheel. Hence, I dabbed a lot.

So what's on cyclists minds presently? Fer starters, there's the looming issue of lane splitting which may affect cyclists in the future. Gutter journalism. Which really isn't a surprise. Inadvertent champagne comedy from clueless letter writers. We also received preview tix to the TdF themed Overcoming. My 'precis' movie review: an intense portrayal of complex emotional, psychological and physical effects on a TdF team, it's a different perspective to Hell on Wheels.

The Melbourne Aeolian Ride is all ready, set, go for Saturday 11 March 2006. All that is required now is a recce ride, but that will be completed when this feral weather calms down.

Coffee bikeStuff of interest
:: USA: Coffee on Wheels:: Recycled Gear Clock :: From Bangladesh: Popularising bicycle :: Salvation via the bicycle :: Al Gore - Executive Powers speech: This should be of interest to activists et al :: Photographic study of bikes in Amsterdam :: USA: I don't care what the trendy kids say, bicycle riding helps liberate my mind

Now, all frivolity aside, today a huge battle is raging in Victoria, so please support the CFA. And our innocent wildlife caught up in this terrible disaster.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bright spots...somewhere

And as Tuesday morning slowly morphs into late Thursday evening.....
Image hosted by
Another gorgeous Sunflower from our Beer Can Hill Estate. Pix by the lovely Bikesoiler.

The weekend is swiftly looming, and many brave cyclists are on their annual pilgrimage, to fling themselves against the hills....So that means we're travelling to Bright for the 200km Alpine Classic. Not as a participant, but as Bikesoiler's Personal Soigneur and/or Beer Wench. And Spa Room Attendant. Woo hoo! Failing that I'll probably be roughing it at Boyntons. Or on a valiant quest for local evidence of the Bright Brewery. That's only if my stomach lining has sufficiently recuperated from last weekends debauchery. Seriously though, I am rather worried about the weather, but Audax organisers have contingencies regarding extremes of either hot OR cold. Hmmm. Faith willing, the Weather Gods will be kinder in the hills on Sunday than the 41C which is predicted for Melbourne. ouchies.

Aeolian Ride
:: Yep, it's still on for Melbourne this March. A small detail regarding a change of date to March 11th, and then we'll start promoting the ride. You will love this! If you can assist with accomodation and fundraising for Jessica, please email me.

Cheer up Geoff Gallop! With Geoff's brave departure from the harsh political spotlight, may he find more time to enjoy riding!

a.b spoke cardRequire the very latest bicycle fashion accessory - the aus.bicycle spokecard? Click image on right to enlarge. Yep, this beautifully laminated card is big, oversized and you can actually read the text. Again, I'll ask, do you want one? If so, our highly trained operators are standing by to receive your orders. Simply email cfsmtb ATgmailDOTcom and we'll respond when we can be bothered checking the inbox. Remember: aus.bicycle - because you can't ride all of the time!

:: Nasty
hit run on Beach Road. With follow up ::
Police have interviewed a Sunshine man, 44, in relation to a hit-run collision that left a cyclist seriously injured. A St Kilda man, 26, suffered head injuries when knocked off his bike in Beach Rd, Beaumaris, about 7.40pm last Thursday. On Saturday, police arrested a Sunshine man. He was released without charge pending further inquiries, but police have seized his car, a black Toyota Prado. The cyclist remained in a serious but stable condition at the Alfred hospital yesterday.

Off to test how watertight the case is, or sending samples to forensics?

Wales: Four cyclists killed in car crash.
Tragically this incident occured the same day as 3000+ cyclists assembled in Geelong for Amy's Ride. Suzie's photo's here. Yes, some WoJ participants were a tad overexcitable. Guess who? Also, stayed tuned for a new series of The Gooch on Channel 31 as it looks like my WoJ interview will be included. I'll get more Team WoJ photo's on flickr when I've sussed out a smallish photoshop problem.

From Rhyl Cycling Club
We have literally been overwhelmed by the messages of condolence and support received from all over the World. I will endeavour to convey your kind thoughts to the bereaved families. Thank you all again on behalf of Rhyl Cycling Club.
The most fitting tribute to tragic cyclists is to get on your bikes
I don't doubt that some bicycles lay idle this weekend. Worried parents will have kept their kids indoors, or in cars, not wanting them to be claimed so randomly as the four cyclists killed near Abergele the Sunday before last. And who could blame them for that?

...In the meantime the most fitting tribute to those who died is exactly what happened at the weekend - a legion of friends and fellow cyclists taking to the roads to enjoy the sport they loved so much.
For your perusal....bicycle videos from around the world...enjoy!

Critical Mass videos :: Xtreme riding 1910 style :: Girl riding bike circa 1940's :: Speeding delivery bikes, 1969 in Greenwich Village ::BMX Rider :: 1930's Street scene in Norway ::1940's Street scene in Dublin ::

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

8.1: Thou Shalt Not Steal Bicycles

SaintaaaaasGoing by some of the bike theft tales I've heard over the years, don't be too surprised if the following is taken up as inspiration for a graphic novel. Especially in relation to that poor ol klepto from Geelong....

Cartoon sketch snares robber

......The robber tried to assault Mr Green, then stole a red racing bicycle from the rear shed. As the man rode away the cartoonist watched and then reported the incident. When police arrived, Mr Green offered to draw a picture of the alleged thief. Afterwards, police took the drawing to other officers who had arrested a man for a theft nearby.

"Holding up the cartoon, both members were amazed to find it was the spitting image of the arrested man in the back of the divisional van," Senior Constable Michael Henry said. A 34-year-old Boronia man was interviewed in relation to burglary, theft and unlawful assault and will face court at a later date.
Returning to low earth orbit, I went all wrong MIA somewhere between the second cognac on last friday evening and
ytmnd. I'll update on Amy's Ride and few things later this arvo.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

She's BACK!

Gold!Kathy Watt - Australia’s first female cycling gold medallist
Games on again for cyclist Watt, 41
Sixteen years ago, Kathy Watt made her Commonwealth Games debut and snatched a surprising gold medal in the road race in Auckland. In March, Watt, 41, could claim another Commonwealth medal after beating the cream of Australian cycling yesterday to book her place at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
100-Watt powers her way to Games berth
Kathy Watt has often polarised opinion in Australian cycling, except when it comes to her stunning ability and determination. The 41-year-old has produced one of the best rides of her eventful career, gaining automatic selection for the Commonwealth Games. She convincingly won the individual time trial on day one of the Australian open road championships.
We deeply admire Kathy's grit and attitude that has persevered against intrenched cycling politics. 41 - that's given me a huge incentive to get my arse into gear. Or just one gear as the case maybe. And by the way - up yours Charlie! Wherever you are now. Next up, fascinating developments are occuring Back Home. (or the Deep South for you Mainlanders)
It's on your bikes, ladies
IT is time for Tasmanian women to get on their bikes, says Cycling South. An Australian Sports Commission survey found 5.8 per of women in Tasmania cycled, compared with the national average of 6.5 per cent. To address this, Cycling South -- set up by the five Greater Hobart councils -- is holding courses for adults this year.
Well knock moi down hard with a feather! Doesn't that news make a refreshing departure from those nasty old attitudes I incurred when growing up down there. i.e: I commenced riding
in the early 70's and had to give up at age 12 due to badly designed (big) bikes and shitful societal attitudes (that's putting it politely). Also interesting to read of ex-Bicycle Victoria Campaigns staff now employed at Cycling South. Back to topic - the 70's were the heyday of the Mighty 10-speed, dragsters were getting daggy and BMX's weren't on the horizon yet. Despite all the rosy 'retro' memories of Nicole on a bike, all that seemed to bypass me residing in Hobart's then-harsh northern suburbs. My, my, how the place has gentrified and gone a tad aspirational. Mine you though, be careful scratching the surface. sigh.

PS - For Melbourne viewers - Goats On this Friday. Cheers & beers

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's not always about the bike

Sunnies!Another one of my myriad of interests is gardening. Here's a flickr pictorial of the front & backyard. It's a not bad effort, considering most of the Beer Can Hill Estate was previously weeds and grass when we started cultivating in October '05.

It was ever so lovely of Mother Nature to deliver a soothing drink last night, hence now everything is positively GLOWING. And the Sunflower Forest is creating a pedestrian traffic jam on our footpath. Must put up a sign from the Sunflower Fairy to stop naughty children, and grownups (who should know better) from nicking them. You see, there's a creche up on the corner...

MushroomsMore Dahlias

Mushrooms in January? WTF?!?
Don't worry - I know WHAT these are & they won't be eaten. On the right: apparently Dahlia's used to be eaten as a potato substitute by French peasants. Or even Dahlia Bread. Um er, we'll think about that...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Off to ride my bike

Just the shot..
We off to Geelong for Amy's Ride this weekend, peruse over at Bicycle Justice. Given this will be only third time I've been on the treadly since the ghastly cat-off - this jaunt is obviously going to be, well, um, a test of courage and willpower over prevailing commonsense.

The road course I've decided upon is only 45km, but my prep has been exceedingly pissweak woeful. Shall now proceed to dose ones self up on carbo's, analgesics & caffeine. Yes, the ribs still hurt. And the nasty cough did nothing to improve my overall fitness levels. This Sunday morn, we might be down at the Docklands round of the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic. Look fer a grumpy chick in a cowboy hat, say hello and then back away quickly. Or if you buy me a coffee, I may become your friend. I like coffee.