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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Beer Can Hill Lights

Mr Soiler & I have made a nifty little video presentation of the BCH chrissy lights. Note: it's only two shagged out 700C rims, lights and numerous zipties on the shadecloth blind. We've got advanced techie plans for next year, as have for acquiring appropriate video imaging software. I'll admit the video editing interface has simplified somewhat since I did post-production in the 80's, although industry heavyweights like Dean Semler have nothing to worry about and should be able to sleep quite soundly at night ...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh yeah baby

If your loved one is gonna jump ship and start batting for the other team, then this sleazy behaviour is almost forgivable. Although the object of their fell desires better have oversize Reynolds tubing and a 32mm+ seatpost. Ahem.

For those in the
vicinity of Beer Can Hill Estate, keep an eye out for our spiffy Christmas bailey ladder and ziptie masterpiece Spectacular Spectacular. Why travel to Ivanhoe when something even more highbrow (plus quality homebrew) is right on your doorstep? My CM11 Christmas bonnet has got nothing on this special production. NB: possible theme hint as follows..

Santa claus you @#^t
Where's my $2#&ing bike
I've unwrapped all this other junk
There's nothing what I like

I've wrote you a letter
And i've come to see you twice
You geriatric wanker
Where's my ^&*!ing bike

If I wanted a pair of *&%@ing shoes
I would've @*&(@ing asked
This cowboy suit and ping-pong set
You can stick right up your arse

While I'm in such a embullient mood, I'll cease the Kevin Bloody Wilson yes I stand corrected recollections right there. Want more serious cycling stuff? Nip over to WoJ. And I've posted something utterly puerile on beerandkittys. Enjoy. So ho ho ho and Seasons Greetings to you all.

PS: Santa, don't forget the Rohloff Speedhub. Or
7-speed Nexus at a pinch. Ta.