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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

blog had a little "holiday"

well, I didn't. Interesting stuff happening here though. And there was a delightful social ride on last Friday evening. Top job Simon, well done.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

We'll All Be Rooned!

Australian oil production in decline
A new study has bad news for motorists hoping to see a sustained fall in petrol prices. The international report, published in London overnight, has found that oil production in Australia is not only in decline, but is dropping at a rate far greater than almost any other oil producing country. At the same time another recent study showed demand for oil growing at a rate greater than previously thought.

Peak Oil article from the ABC, the issue finally hits the mainstream media. We're waiting until "Today Tonight" picks up & gives it a shonky doom n' gloom spin.

It's for you, brother

Gutsy Loretta Harrop dedicated her triathlon silver medal to her brother Luke, who was killed in a car accident more than two years ago. Harrop went agonisingly close to winning Australia's first Olympic triathlon gold -- but the winner was as Aussie as they come. Geelong-born Kate Allen, who has switched allegiance to Austria, ran down Harrop in the last vital metres.

Loretta races in memory of Luke
LUKE His name is tattooed forever on her right ankle. His memory, just as permanently, in her heart. Loretta Harrop ran the race of her life in Athens yesterday, the inspiration of her late brother propelling her in the women's triathlon on a torturous course.

Shane, Graeme, Stu & Flying Ryan

Two more golds complete Australian domination
The track portion of the Olympic cycling program concluded last night with the men's keirin and Madison, and the women's points race. Australia confirmed its status as the dominant nation in track cycling by adding two golds and a bronze to its tally of nine track medals (including five gold) in the keirin and Madison, while Russia added the women's points gold to the men's points title it won yesterday.

Olympics: Aussies dominate Olympic cycling with six golds.
Australia confirmed their status as the new force of world cycling after dominating the Athens Olympics with six gold medals, two of them on a memorable closing day's competition at the Velodrome.

Two more gold in cycling blitz.
Speed king Ryan Bayley and Graeme Brown claimed an Olympic double each tonight as Australia completed its dominance of cycling at the Games with six gold medals.
Bayley won the keirin in an electric show of speed to go with yesterday's sprint gold only minutes after 4000m team pursuit champion Brown teamed with Stuart O'Grady to win the madison race.

Greene Dragon group stages anti-Republican bike ride through Manhattan

Mounting themselves on bicycles and chanting "One if by private jet, two if by SUV," a group of revelers known as the Greene Dragon rode through Manhattan warning New Yorkers that "the Republicans are coming."

Spinning Pennys

Old time bicycles built for two.

Fast rail plan off the tracks: Opposition.

The Victorian Opposition says another delay in the Bendigo-Melbourne rail line shutdown is confirmation the fast rail project is slipping further behind.

Bike Path Memorial, Car Free Day

Bike Path Memorial
The ceremony to dedicate Joy Kleeman Bikeway along the stretch of U.S. 80 on Sept. 3.
For 15 years, Joy N. Kleeman's morning ritual included a bicycle ride. Now, nearly six years after the veteran teacher and mother of three was killed while taking that ride, a bike path along a stretch of U.S. 80 will be renamed in her honor.

Car Free Day - 20 towns to leave cars at home.
Twenty cities and towns in Ireland have confirmed that they will participate in European Car Free Day which this year takes place on Wednesday, September 22, according to Tom Halpin, Sustainable Energy Ireland’s head of customer services.

Deborah Kerr's brother killed in road rage attack

Hollywood star Deborah Kerr is devastated after learning her younger brother Edmund Trimmer was killed in an apparent road-rage attack.

The Australian: Tolls put Transurban streets ahead

Traffic = $$$$ Increased traffic on the Melbourne CityLink toll road network has allowed operator Transurban to declare a final distribution of 13.5c per stapled security, a 35 per cent increase from a year earlier.

Transurban managing director Kim Edwards added that distributions were set to grow by around 10per cent every year. Toll revenue for the 12 months to the end of June was up 10.1 per cent to $254.5 million after the goods and services tax.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yarra Council - Sustainable Transport

Yarra encourages public transport discussions Yes, we really do!
We're doing really something about the traffic problems. honest. *

The problem really is this, Yarra's geographical position in metropolitan Melbourne. That's the easy bit. Then add to the agenda, the complicated stuff, like several decades of poor planning, lack of responsibility from other councils, lack of responsibility & direction from state & fed governments, car culture, petty turf wars.....

*ok, it's a inner city council attempting to be all cool & groovy, but the toggle text title is not a good look.

Dangerous Car Driver Database

Keeping tabs on dangerous drivers, saving cyclists' lives...

How to use this site :
We keep a register of incidents of dangerous driving that pose risks to cyclists on the road. If you have been put at risk while riding, please log the details in the form below. The records will be used to determine if there are

- locations that are particularly hazardous,
- repeated reports of the same number plate / driver and
- the most common types of behaviour from the motorist that makes cycling less enjoyable

Any details you provide will be stored in a secure database, not accessible through the internet.

If you want to know whether a driver has a history of dangerous driving, please contact us at and we will check our files to see whether previous incidents have been logged for the same car.

Hoddle Down A Hole

Pioneer gets dead-end honour

Reckon the statue should be stuck, on the N-E corner of the intersection of Hoddle & Victoria Parade. Robert could stand there, permanently contemplating the traffic.......

UK - Cycle ban on rush-hour trains.

Bicycles are to be banned from some of the busiest commuter trains, it emerged today.

Green buggy runs on hot air.
Freshly piped in from nearby Parliament House?

The world is now losing more than a million barrels of oil a day to depletion – twice the rate of two years ago – according to a new analysis published this month in Petroleum Review, the oil and gas magazine of the Energy Institute in London.

Flying Ryan!

Bayley makes history!

Gold rush continues for Aussie cyclists. Australia's best-ever Olympic cycling campaign continued this morning as a fired-up Ryan Bayley won gold in the Olympic track sprint with an electrifying come-from-behind victory over world champion Theo Bos.

Digging a hole, 4WD Cockroaches, Car-Free, Evil, RNC Protesting & Global Warming

A tunnel to link the Eastern and Tullamarine freeways was not feasible, Premier Steve Bracks said yesterday. "We have no plans at all for such a tunnel. We don't believe it's feasible," Mr Bracks said.

A meeting of Fitzroy residents, huh? The same PTUA folk who call others latte drinking trendies?

4WD with legs the new Toorak tractor. An all-terrain vehicle with legs instead of wheels, based on the movement of the cockroach, is the subject of serious research in the United States.

European Car Free Day news, from Waterford in Ireland.

SUV drivers are evil.

Who's who protesting at the Republican National Convention.

Global warming makes China's glaciers shrink by equivalent of Yellow River.

Reminder - now have to sign-in to read Age articles

Meares picks up bronze

Australian cyclist Anna Meares added an Olympic bronze to her gold medal when she finished third in the women's sprint tonight.

May the Bicycle Gods Smile Tonight!

Womens & Men's Sprint Finals on now.

Chicago VeloSwap

The worlds biggest bicycle swap and show. Now, THIS is what I consider gratuitous bike porn....

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Carfree Times - August 2004

Issue 36 now available! Catering to all your car-free needs, including how to buy those funky "Ghawar Is Dying" stickers.

Berlin Bicycling

Don't know much German , but this "how to find your way around on a bike" site sure looks cool!

Bicycle of the Gods III

Simply gorgeous

Al Has Left The Building

The man behind Elvis catchphrase dies.


A driver who was probably drunk ran into a family on bicycles in the Loire Valley in central France on the weekend, killing three members and leaving a 12-year-old girl an orphan, police said Sunday.

The accident occurred late Saturday near the city of Bourges, as the family was cycling home after sunset along a quiet country road.

Some Good News For A Change

Cyclists strike gold as rowing controversy continues.
Australia's success at the Olympic velodrome continued on day 10 in Athens, with the men's 4000m pursuit team taking gold for the first time in 20 years.

Local Cyclists Win As Booroondara Council Stops Dithering Around
Last night the Boroondara council voted 11-1 in favour of implementing the next step to the PBN network in 04-05. 537K to be spent
Check the Booroondara Bicycle Users Group,website for more. Or check their yahoogroup

Monday, August 23, 2004

KNEEL! You have reached

Sometimes whilst wandering around the internet, one discovers stuff like this .
Just don't mention anything about Priscilla while visiting.

Sally Robbins

Rower too exhausted to carry on The manager of Australia's women's rowing team has leapt to the defence of a member of the eights crew who stopped rowing during Sunday's Olympic final. Sally Robbins stopped rowing late in the race, leaving the Australian crew losing ground to cross the line in sixth place after going to the start line as one of the medal favourites.

One may not be an elite athlete or been in a rowing team, but Sally's got my sympathies. Several years back in 40C+ heat I collapsed off the bike while pedaling up Hoddle Street. Carted off for medical treatment, and can't remember a bloody thing of the incident.

From Newtopia Magazine

Make the Greenleap Green politics & policies are about much more than just ecology and Ralph Nader. They are about replacing wasteful consumerism and a passive system of governance with a holistic, sustainable approach that incorporates social and environmental demands into national security and global trade policies.

Record-breaking Kiwi relegates Mactier to silver

Record-breaking Kiwi relegates Mactier to silver
Bugger - silver again. Katie Mactier could quite easily be forgiven if that was her first thought as she hit the finish line after a sweltering ride against New Zealander Sarah Ulmer for the Olympic women's individual pursuit championship.

Tunnels, RACV Bike Assist, Toxic Dump, Road Rage, Carr, Alternative Fuels, Burning SUV's, RTS, Cyclist Deaths. Don't think I left anything out there?

New tunnels may justify tolls: RACV. The RACV is backing calls for a tunnel to link Melbourne's Eastern and Tullamarine Freeways.The bottleneck at the city-end of the Eastern Freeway is expected to worsen when the Mitcham-Frankston tollway opens in 2008. Local government and transport groups are predicting chaos unless a tunnel is built.

Various groups have been crapping on about versions of this proposed "tunnel" for decades!

Bike Assist RACV has developed a new road service product to assist cyclists who experience difficulties and require roadside assistance.

We were conned , say toxic waste dump opponents. Protesters at the Nowingi site of the State Government's proposed toxic waste dump near Mildura. The Federal Government may order a public inquiry into the plan.

Man accused of road rage shooting. Police have charged a man after three shots were fired at a car in Melbourne's northeast. Police allege the shooting occurred after an argument between the occupants of two cars in Heidelberg Rd, Alphington about 3pm AEST yesterday.

sydney indymedia - webcast news Orange Grove: Carr's history of bending the planning rules feeds credibility gap
.......the Planning Department drafted a Cabinet Minute and asked Minister Bob Carr to take it to Cabinet as a matter of urgency. The recommendations included legislation force industry to get safe, or to get out...The draft Cabinet Minute.. did not go to Cabinet, and no legislation was enacted.....

Interest in alternative fuels : up, but not from Wall Street. When oil prices rise, public interest in alternative energy often does too. Tapping into renewable sources like wind, solar power and hydrogen, which are inexhaustible but far from inexpensive, seems to make more commercial sense when crude oil costs almost $48 a barrel.

Pasadena Star-News - News Ecoterrorism attacks 1 year later: Car dealerships recovering from arson, vandalism. One year ago today, vandals launched one of the most vicious attacks on property in state history in the San Gabriel Valley.

Arrests at capital's Reclaim The Streets demo. Ten protesters were arrested in Cardiff city centre yesterday when a street party turned to chaos.

Deceased cyclists get tribute Yesterday, about 35 cyclists took part in a solemn and silent tribute to cyclists who had been killed or injured while on the roads here. Mr Huang Yu-kang, who organised the "Ride of Silence" said participants kicked off from the Indoor Stadium Waterfront at 8am and arrived at the World Trade Centre 45 minutes later. The Singapore Air Force senior technician said he hoped the procession helped to increase awareness among other road users that "cyclists use the roads", too.

Clayton County police were searching Sunday for the hit-and-run driver who was responsible for the death of a boy who was struck while he was riding his bike.
Pardon paraphrasing a old cliche, but the picture in this article tells a thousand tears.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Sky is blue....

Arrgggg! Todays posts are far too dirge ridden, here's a nice pic of Easy Cycling Industries up the road, taken on a much sunnier day than today.

More Protesting, Peak Oil, Methyl tertiary butyl ether & SUV's....

NYPD to Shadow 56 protesters -- details on the incredible lengths the NYPD is taking to keep the most radical protestors expected at the Republican Convention under control. Police are now tracking 56 potentially dangerous people. Behave yourself, boys and girls Protesters classified as "terrorists"?!?! Maybe the FBI would be better off monitoring their own government.

"I notice that the peak oil event is starting to get a mention in the more daring print media. This would be good news, if it weren't for the relentlessly Pollyannistic, physically clueless responses being printed alongside to defuse any sense of alarm or urgency.... "

Joyful news from back in 1998 concerning Methyl tertiary butyl ether -- a gasoline additive Yet another oil-orientated timebomb? More recent news article on the topic:
Gas Additive Impacting Drinking Water Throughout U.S. Homeowners need to ensure that they have access to drink-able water, often referred to as "potable" water.

Hypermobility: too much of a good thing?

Right of Way? "As far as the Constitution lays it out, you've got a right to own a gun and to read a newspaper. You certainly don't have a right to drive an SUV. Yet people say this--for instance Senator Kit Bond of Missouri has declared that "government should not interfere with the people's right" to buy the largest SUVs. What right? And is there any chance this will become an issue in the fall presidential campaign? "

Free Bicycles, No Medals, NYC Protests & Retirements

Twelve Queensland refugee children aged between four and fourteen have received a surprise delivery of new bicycles. A national travel company wished to do something to help refugee children, and staff members have built the bicycles as a team development exercise.

Aussie cyclists miss team sprint medal
The Australian team of Ryan Bayley, Sean Eadie, and Shane Kelly has finished fourth in the
cycling men's team sprint. at the Athens Olympics. The Australians were narrowly beaten in the bronze medal race by defending Olympic champions France.

The Republican National Convention is more than a week away in NYC. The city is positively abuzz with its defiant response to the Republican Party’s neo-conservative, rightwing agenda and the party’s plans to turn midtown Manhattan into a militarized police state during the convention. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take the streets in several marches the week of the convention.

Over and out for long-serving lawman. Warrnambool police Senior Sergeant Ian Armstrong contemplates the end of his 40-year career. Armstrong can recall patrolling Russell Street in Melbourne on his pushbike.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Problems with repeated smogbox use

Welcome to DonutLand

Western Australia - Petrol price threat as oil
hits record

Ships collide as smog shrouds Hong Kong

US - Court-ordered arbitration secretly delivered a $23.7 million payday to attorneys who successfully battled the state over
smog : smog fees wrongfully charged to 1.7 million motorists.

Victorians will pay an extra $11 a week to fill their cars as world oil prices continue to soar. The RACV called on the Federal Government to cut fuel taxes as a litre of unleaded petrol yesterday hit a record price of 108.9c.

Protest Peacefully, Get Discounts in NYC

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg thinks he's found a way to pin down rowdy protesters at the Republican National Convention - by offering them a powder-blue button that labels them "Peaceful Political Activists."

In a bid to tame potentially disruptive protests, Bloomberg and tourism officials Tuesday offered a unique package of discounts on hotels, restaurants, plays - even cut-rate entry to the Museum of Sex - to the best-behaved demonstrators.

Vic Police should of tried a tactic like this during the 2000 WEF protests in Melbourne. Half price discounts to Wobbies World & the Werribee Zoo. Does Wobbies World still exist, somewhere.....?

"History will be kind to those who ride..."


Friday, August 20, 2004

Mr Kerry At the LBS

With his $8000 bike (give or take)

....And just in case the lawyers are sniffing around....
"The Bike Gallery. Stop in next time you're in Portland. Great place.
Please credit: Photograph by Charles Barry, Copyright 2004!"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

introducing the Lance Super Hero Lunchbox....

Is this cool or OMG?

Pub Day

Pub Day celebrates Victoria's traditional "pub culture" and showcases the wide range of hospitality offerings available to the community in pubs and hotels across the State.

Get the gang together to celebrate Pub Day on Friday August 27

A possible Pub Bicycle Users Group event? Lemme think, Curries, Carringbush, Terminus or the Nash?

4WDs 'choking globe in dust'

The increasing popularity of off-road four-wheel drive cars is threatening to envelop the globe in a cloud of dust, with potentially severe effects on the environment, a British scientist said today. The process - dubbed "Toyotarisation", after the Japanese vehicle maker Toyota - could have severe consequences for human health, coral reefs and climate change, said Andrew Goudie, a professor of geography at Oxford University.

Cycling: Gold eases Hamilton's hard times

Tyler Hamilton had bruises splotched all over his back, painful souvenirs of a Tour de France gone terribly wrong. But Hamilton also had a red dog tag affixed to the inside of his helmet Wednesday, the memory of his golden retriever, Tugboat, keeping him company on the solo seaside sprint to victory.

Last month Hamilton had to pull out of cycling's most prestigious race in the 13th stage, after an earlier horrific crash. Then he suffered the death of his dog, a constant companion well-known in the cycling world.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

US Conference - Chautauqua Auditorium • Boulder Colorado • 10 September • Make a difference!

Get Going!

"Join a wide range of thinkers, planners, visionaries and concerned citizens to focus on solutions to our over-dependence on cars. At GOING we'll discuss new transportation options and address the behavioral changes needed to utilize them. GOING is a meeting of the minds that addresses the urgent need for diverse transportation systems that benefits our environment and our communities"

I have a dream

And it looks a bit like this

A newsletter to aspire to.

This should cheer you up

What every neurotic homeowner really needs!

Time for something silly

Had enough of todays gloomy news, here's a pic of moi in my Racing Grass Skirt at last years Single Speed Worlds in Castlemaine,

Yes there were lots of strange gentlemen in ladies clothes too (see background)

Stray thought of the Day.

Gold-FM is supporting Elvis Costellos' next tour in Melbourne
RRR-FM is supporting George Bensons' next tour in Melbourne
Us slightly older folk are getting more alternative and younger folk more conservative.

Diesel fumes linked to cancer deaths

The convoys of trucks that ply our highways might indicate a healthy economy, but the freight industry's heavy reliance on road transport has the potential for an entirely opposite impact on those exposed to the exhaust fumes.

There's a substantial body of expert opinion to say the fine particles from diesel exhaust are the most dangerous elements of the traffic pollution that's responsible for about 1,200 deaths a year in Australia.

Pacific Hydro to punt on more wind power

Pacific Hydro is aiming to expand its wind-power business by building between 500 and 700 megawatts of wind capacity in the next four years, according to managing director Jeff Harding.

That ambitious program will require the company to spend up to $1.1 billion. And, if the higher of those capacity figures is achieved, Pacific Hydro will contribute the lion's share of the roughly 1000 MW of renewable generation still to be built under the mandatory renewable energy target (MRET) subsidy scheme.

Perverting Melbourne planning

This city's famous liveability is under threat, and not just from developers, writes Kenneth Davidson.

Melbourne 2030 - Planning for sustainable growth, was released in 2002 with great fanfare by Premier Steve Bracks, Transport Minister Peter Batchelor and Planning Minister Mary Delahunty. Here was a vision for the future of Melbourne that would preserve the city's famous liveability in the context of a growing population by focusing development in 115 so-called activity centres that would "reduce the number of private motorised vehicle trips".

Doctor warns cities making us sick

A Sydney public health specialist says the number of people with obesity and depression will continue to rise unless the design of Australian cities changes.

Plankton poo key to global warming

In science the little things really do count. Just ask Tasmanian researcher Dr Karin Beaumont, who is making it her life's work to discover how the microscopic poo of tiny ocean organisms is affecting global climate change.

A wonderous story title from todays Hun.

And yesterday it was cosmic rays?!?

When it comes to global warming, Premier Carr has no clothes.

Originally uploaded by cfsmtb.

Premier Bob Carr’s outpourings on global warming have delivered him to the international stage. At a London conference in February this year, to devise policy initiatives for British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Premier regaled participants with his concerns about how “We’ll lose the Great Barrier Reef. Kakadu could be swamped with salt water. … Species extinction. Droughts hotter and drier …”

Chasing the SUV vote

SPORT UTILITY vehicles roared into stump speeches this month, flattening all common sense. At a speech last week introducing President Bush, Virginia's Governor George Allen juiced the crowd by asking how many people arrived there in their SUVs and pickup trucks. After a show of hands, Allen was quoted by The Washington Post as saying, "Heck, John Kerry doesn't even like what you drive.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

SUV's of Belleville ....

Scary young folk

Trishaws on first-day covers

Penang's trishaw and three other traditional modes of transport will be featured in special edition stamps and first-day covers which Pos Malaysia will release tomorrow.

Bicycle of the Gods II

Users keep up pressure over rail access -

Victoria's independent rail users have vowed to keep up the pressure on the State Government over full competition on the rail network after the $285 million sale of Freight Australia.

The Victorian Intermodal Freight Group yesterday was cautious about the conditions under which the Bracks Government agreed to sell Victoria's rail freight operator to Pacific National. The group represents operators of intermodal terminals at Merbein, Somerton, Altona, Horsham, Tocumwal and Warrnambool.

Cosmic ray link to global warming boosted

Cosmic Rays could be driving global warming by influencing cloud cover will get a boost at a conference next week. But some scientists dismiss the idea and are worried that it will detract from efforts to curb rising levels of greenhouse gases.

Um, er

ALP backs natural gas as oil replacement

Labor has signalled plans for more investment in technology to convert natural gas and coal to transport fuels to offset the impact of skyrocketing oil prices

The Age now requires you to REGISTER to read articles. Be warned!

Rapid Transit Become Top Election Issue (NZ)

Stopping the planned Eastern Motorway through Parnell, Hobson Bay and Orakei will depend on the results of this years local body elections. And Auckland deserves the sort of world-class integrated rapid transit system all other major international cities enjoy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Australian track cyclists arrive

A passing comment in our household was they should wear, as part of the official teamkit, paper bags on their heads

Ultimate Bike Gear Home - Collapsible Bicycle Rain Canopy

Perhaps not in windy weather

Global warming can be curbed

New Jersey researchers say the worst effects of global warming can be avoided by the end of the century if the political will is found to take needed steps.

Slow down, you move too fast

Are we rushing ourselves to an unhappy life and an early death? The Slow movement says you should slow down, put the emphasis on quality, not quantity, and most of all, be happy now, not later. Roslyn Guy reports.

ic Liverpool - How pedal power can save our city

Jane Woodhead Gets On Her Bike To Learn A Few Tips And Help Tackle City Pollution

Letters-to-the-Editor - The Border Mail

The trick is passing the mortality test early in life
Long before the much safer (but mind-numbing) assignment along the Hume Freeway nowadays, you had to put a good four to five hours of life on hold precariously perched on those single-lane stretches of Highway 31.

With 1.2m cars why not revive the train system?

With the capital streets clogged with traffic anytime during working hours its not like we don't need a public transport system, says Firas Abi Ranam from the environmental organization Green Line.
Given the horrific carnage (no pun intended) since the 70's, the fact that this dialogue concerning transportation is even occuring in Lebanon is inspirational.

Carrigan wins road race gold

A brilliant display of tactics!

Monday, August 16, 2004

There goes the neighbourhood!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear , fun and games just around the corner[16aug04]
Silly bugger should of been watching the Womens Road Race on SBS instead of of driving a 4-cylinder shitbox, whilst drunk, into other far more expen$ive cars.

cfsmtb frontpage -- Porting Everything Over....slowly

Ok, I'm not in love with tinyurl anymore. So everything from is being slowly "ported" over. Oh joys of basic html.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Bicycle of the Gods

Kittys Revenge! How about a version with a avenging Leadbeaters Possum?

Chill Out - Song by Youth Of Britain - Video by Rob Manuel & Joel Veitch
Imagine if *this* came hurling thru the intersection of Hoddle and Victoria Street?

Victoria 'dudded' on roads - National -

Victoria has been delivered $1.4 billion from the Federal Government to develop roads and railway lines - but the State Government maintains it has been short-changed.:

JAMA -- Global Road Safety Crisis Remedy Sought: 1.2 Million Killed, 50 Million Injured Annually, June 2, 2004, Cole 291 (21): 2531

For many individuals living in rural Africa, there is no safe way to travel.:

'Sorry' signs may ward off road rage - Victorian news reported O/S

Lawmakers in Victoria, Australia, are considering a proposal to outfit cars with 'I'm Sorry' signs to try to prevent road rage incidents."a>:

Relax, don't do it.....

More than 10 million motorists will be a victim of road rage in the UK this year, according to research published today.:


dailyrecord - THE Japanese have invented a car camera which allows motorists to 'see around bends'.:
Can it also enable drivers to see the lefthand blind spot?

Sustainable Transport Coalition: STC Newsletter: : Index

An excellent range of articles with information on STCs upcoming local government forum and conference. It also includes a range of cartoons on the recent petrol price rises with the articles. These are a useful resource for your own newsletters etc:
And my blog too.

Friends of the Earth: Press Releases: : New Planning Guidance will not stop decline of town centres

Friends of the Earth has criticised today's revised draft planning guidance on town centres [1] for not being strong enough to halt the decline in local shops and town centres":

Confusing? All the signs are there - National -

In an interview with The Sunday Age, Mr Anderson also:
Warned that motorists might have to accept much higher petrol prices in the next 20 years
: Der Fred Award of the Week

Irelands very own version of Irene Plowman?

On a dismal, rain sodden day in 1955 a whippet of a young woman tumbled exhausted off her bike, was wrapped in a blanket and whisked off to hospital for a check-up and a hot bath.

Gloucestershire Council - Home of the Brave

Forget pool cars, a fleet of pool bikes is the latest weapon in Cheltenham Borough Council's battle to go green

Clover Moore - Independent Member for Bligh (and Sydney Mayor)

Inner-Sydney urgently needs an integrated traffic and transport strategy to develop and implement environmentally sustainable solutions to traffic chaos.:
You go girl

The Dominion: Montreal Police Shut Down Critical Mass

"A critical mass in Toronto. Last week, Montreal police forced the bicycle-based protest to disperse. ":

critical-mass international despatches

CM SanFran, Cyclists getting cranky with each other, thread starts

Nothing wrong with constructive criticism, if both sides are willing to listen

Sydney Critical Mass - May 2004

CM Sydney, problems with cops,

PhysOrg: Global Warming Causes More Bad Hair Days
Couldn't resist putting a typo in there

Herald Sun: Building better taxes [14aug04]:
Australia's traffic congestion is not as bad as in Britain, but both Sydney and Melbourne have problems."
All together now. ah, der fred...

Evil is Banal
Why is Scholastic, the World's Largest Supplier of Children's Books, giving a Venue to the "Dark Side?"

"On Scholastic’s own website you can find “Powering Your World” developed by Scholastic and API. These lesson plans, with corresponding student handouts even meet the national science standards-based program for grades 6-8. Kids can learn about the “Story of Gasoline” or “Energy in the World.” Oil is used in plastics, medicines and some of children’s favorite items like DVD’s. Students are warned that fossil fuels make up 85% of our nation’s energy sources. What is not discussed is most telling.

No discussion of climate change, the legacy of oil spills, or the need for renewable energy sources. In Activity one, “Make Energy Connections” a word scramble activity uses worlds like: refinery, car, nuclear plant, coal mine, electric generating plant and oil well. How about Chernobyl, strip mine, Exxon Valdez, SUV, fuel cell or windmill? They are all absent. Can’t you hear poor, old Clifford barking, “Say it ain’t so Scholastic?” How could this most trusted provider of children’s books provide legitimacy for the likes of the American Petroleum Institute? "

"Bikes Against Bush is a one-of-a-kind, interactive protest/performance occurring simultaneously online and on the streets of NYC during the upcoming Republican National Convention. Using a Wireless Internet-enabled bicycle outfitted with a custom-designed printing device, the Bikes Against Bush bicycle can print spray-chalk text messages sent from web users directly onto the streets of Manhattan."
I am rendered speechless. Think I'm in love. I want one too.

Wall Street Scandals - Mega gif
A Work of Genius. Seriously does your head in attempting to join-the-dots

Safety gadgets on cars help cut fatalities on the nation's roads
Yet another of those "cars are good for you, honest" articles.
Yep, nice copy for the advertisers and the naive public

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Oil: Living with Less : Melbourne Indymedia:
by Dr Malcolm Riddoch
It looks like the peak oil message is starting to make some inroads at the state government level, at least in Western Australia. The Sustainable Transport Coalition's 'Oil: Living with Less' conference was held at the Perth Convention Centre on Monday August 9th and was opened by the state Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Ms Alannah MacTiernan."
More doom and gloom. Unfortunately it's going to make the mainstream media at some point, and what a dogs breakfast that's going to be. Re-runs of "The Good Life" back on tee-vee? We can only wait and see.

AlterNet: WireTap: Bike For Democracy

AlterNet: WireTap: Bike For Democracy
100 towns, 90 days, nine states, two wheels and one
Wish them luck.

CenterLines Electronic News Bulletin

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